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Rewards For Operating a Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Franchise......

Make no mistake, operating a pet sitting and dog walking franchise is a full-time occupation which requires a high level of dedication and determination to succeed.  The best pet care franchise areas are those that will inconvenience themselves for the benefit of their clients.  For instance in Nottinghamshire, we work on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and all other major holidays for the same price as every other day in the year.  This helps to foster trust and a high level of repeat business.


Lifestyle Change:


The greatest reward from a pet sitting and dog walking franchise is the lifestyle change that it brings.  Gone are the long commutes, battling rush hour traffic, persistent cold & flu from the workplace and having someone else managing your time.  In comes a defined working area predominantly outside of the chaotic town/city centre, core working hours outside of traditional traffic congestion times, improved cardiovascular health from daily dog walking, an improved immune system away from the exposure to cold & flu and viruses picked up in the workplace and the autonomy to manage your own personal and business expectations.


Working from Home:


Working from home has many benefits.  Your family/partner will see much more of you. You can play a greater part in their lives, something you may not have had the luxury of doing before. Similarly, they may be able to help with your work.  It is also inexpensive to set up home working.  You will need a home PC and broadband.


Financial Rewards:


Every pet sitting business/franchise area is completely diverse.  The potential growth is strong for those that are dedicated, patient and hard working. Expect to earn £12,000-£18,000 in year 1, £18,000-£26,000 in year 2 and £26,000+ in year 3.  We have established franchisees earning in excess of £70,000 a year.  See our package by clicking here.


"I have been running Blackpool Pet Sitters for four years now and setting up my pet sitting franchise was the best decision I have ever made. I have a job I love and one that fits around my lifestyle and family. When I set up I was just looking to earn a small wage and run the business as a paid hobby. Well the business was such a success it is now a family run business with 3 further pet franchises set up in the area.


I get to enjoy my days with no stress at all and can incorporate my dogs and family with my work. The kids love to get involved and are now very experienced in many different types of pets. The support I got from Head office and other franchisees was fantastic. It was great to know I had back up whenever I needed it and there was a whole team of people on the other end of the phone.


Paul and Cassie had thought of everything in the business plan and the wealth of knowledge and assistance was second to none.  The best advice I can give is if you want to follow your dream then go for it. You couldn’t work alongside a better team. ‘’


Clare Naylor

Blackpool Pet Sitters

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